The Rescued

Fusia saved thirteen people who came from all different walks of life.  They all went on to live long lives, many of whom went on to have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Doctor Leon Hirsch

Siunek Hirsch’s father. Monek Hirsch’s cousin. Sala Hirsch’s cousin by marriage. Doktor Hirsch was the financier of the attic rescue.

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Wilhelm “Wili” Schillinger

Dzusia Schillinger’s father. Maks Diamant worked for Doktor Schillinger as a dental technician and a junior dentist. Doktor Schillinger’s wife was killed.  He later remarried a woman named Tala.

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Siunek Hirsch

Doktor Hirsch’s son. He and Maks got along well in the attic.  Siunek was the “vice-president”.

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Maks Diamant (Josef Burzminski)

Maks Diamant was Henryk Diamant’s older brother. Maks was #1 to arrive to Fusia. Maks was the “president” of the Tatarska 3 attic. Because after the war there were still anti-semitic Poles who assaulted Jews, Maks changed his Jewish name to Josef...

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Dziusia Schillinger

Dziusia Schillinger was daughter of Wilhelm Schillinger. Dziusia was 12 years old when she came to Tatarska 3. Dziusia was #3 to arrive.

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