Media Archives

Stefi and Joe were fortunate to be the subjects of many interviews, some made for television programs, documentaries, newspaper articles among others.  Below are some of those media clips.  More will be added.


Hidden In Silence

Hidden in Silence is a made for television movie about Fusia and Max’s (Joe’s) experience.  Produced by Denise Alexander and directed by Richard Colla.  Kellie Martin plays Fusia, Tom Radcliffe plays Max. Because of copyrights, the video is available on...

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In the Name of Love

Ms. Susan Petit, at the time the publisher of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, a legal publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and one of Ed Burzminski’s business clients, was so taken by Stefi’s story that she contacted a friend of hers at...

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Interview – WBZ-TV4 Boston

Living in Boston in 1993, Stefi and Joe were interviewed by local television station WBZ-TV4 prior to their coverage of the opening ceremony of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, where Stefi and Joe...

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Documentaries, Honors & Tributes

Senator Ben Allen’s Recognition

Read aloud at Stefi’s funeral, this letter of recognition was presented to Stefi from California State Senator Ben Allen’s office.  We are truly grateful to him, and to Ms. Beata Pozniak Daniels for facilitating this...

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The Other Side of Faith

“The Other Side of Faith” is a documentary produced by Mr. Sy Rotter about Fusia and Max’s experience during the War.  Mr. Rotter pulled together a team and traveled with Stefi and Joe to Przemysl to film the documentary.  This was the first time...

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Women’s Day USA

In 1995, Stefi was recognized in Los Angeles by Women’s Day USA and its founder Beata Pozniak, a Polish born screen and television actress.  In attendance were Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel, the Consul General of Finland, among others.  Beata presented...

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Yad Vashem

In 1979, Fusia was honored with a “Medal of the Just” by Yad Vashem after several of the Rescued petitioned the organization in Israel to recognize Stefi and her sister Helena for their selflessness, courage and bravery.  This event gained international...

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Polish Primary School Skit

Stefi’s son Ed traveled to Przemysl Poland in Spring 2018 where he and his family were welcomed to Primary School #1 (Skola Podstawowa nr 1).  Stefi’s and her sister Helena’s story is taught in history class at this school by their teacher, Monika...

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