Author: Ed Burzminski

Ed is Stefi and Joe's son.

Susan Pettit

Susan Pettit was formerly and is once again the publisher of Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.  One of Ed’s clients at in the early 1990s, Ed shared Fusia’s story with Susan who immediately thought this should be a TV movie.  Susan shared the story with a friend at…

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Maks Diamant (Josef Burzminski)

Maks Diamant was Henryk Diamant’s older brother. Maks was #1 to arrive to Fusia. Maks was the “president” of the Tatarska 3 attic. Because after the war there were still anti-semitic Poles who assaulted Jews, Maks changed his Jewish name to Josef Burzminski, a very Polish name. Audio interview with Joe Burzminski by US Holocaust…

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