Author: Ed Burzminski

Ed is Stefi and Joe's son.

Sharon Cameron

Sharon Cameron is an accomplished writer of young adult books.  With the backing of Scholastic Press, Sharon is  currently writing a novel for young adults based on Stefi’s experience.  The book is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2020.

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Hidden In Silence

Hidden in Silence is a made for television movie about Fusia and Max’s (Joe’s) experience.  Produced by Denise Alexander and directed by Richard Colla.  Kellie Martin plays Fusia, Tom Radcliffe plays Max. Because of copyrights, the video is available on paid YouTube here or it’s been on Amazon Prime as well.

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Sy Rotter

Sy Rotter was a president and founder of the Washington Liaison Office LLC.  Mr. Rotter took a special interest in Stefi and Joe producing and directing the documentary titled “The Other Side of Faith”.

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Susan Pettit

Susan Pettit was formerly and is once again the publisher of Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.  One of Ed’s clients at in the early 1990s, Ed shared Fusia’s story with Susan who immediately thought this should be a TV movie.  Susan shared the story with a friend at…

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