Author: Ed Burzminski

Ed is Stefi and Joe's son.

Women’s Day USA

In 1995, Stefi was recognized in Los Angeles by Women’s Day USA and its founder Beata Pozniak, a Polish born screen and television actress.  In attendance were Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel, the Consul General of Finland, among others.  Beata presented Stefi with an original painting as symbol of Women’s Day depicting a community…

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Yad Vashem

In 1979, Fusia was honored with a “Medal of the Just” by Yad Vashem after several of the Rescued petitioned the organization in Israel to recognize Stefi and her sister Helena for their selflessness, courage and bravery.  This event gained international media attention and brought Stefi and Helena’s story to light.

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Helena Podgorska

One of the most important people in Fusia’s life was her little sister Helena.  As a child, Helena was thrust into the situation to hide 13 people, and she was fully committed to helping no matter the cost. As a child, Helena was less likely to be noticed by the Nazis, so she up doing…

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Krystyna Nawara

Krystyna Nawara is one of the people Fusia rescued.  A warm and loving person, Krystyna has remained in close contact with Fusia and Joe since the end of the war.  Krystyna says Fusia was like her second mother, having lived together in Przemysl and Wroclaw Poland after the war. Krystyna was devastated upon learning that…

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Denise Alexander

Denise Alexander played the character Dr. Leslie Weber on “General Hospital”, a popular daytime television drama during the 1970s and 1980s.  Denise was the driving force to produce a movie about Fusia’s, Helena’s and Max’s experience. Having reached-out to the family in the early 1980s, Stefi imposed non-negotiable restrictions on any movie adaptation – the…

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Beata Pozniak-Daniels

Beata Pozniak Daniels is a Polish-born television and film actress who founded and operated  Women’s Day USA for many years.  Beata and  Women’s Day USA honored Stefi, among many other amazing women over the years. Beata painted a special piece of art that represents  Women’s Day and was given to Stefi. A great advocate, Beata…

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Monika Lach

Monika Lach teaches history at Skola Podstawowa Nr 1 (Primary School #1) in Przemysl, Poland.  In her class, Monika teaches a section aboutFusia and Helena, their local heroes.  Monika’s daughter, also a student at the school, wrote and essay about Fusia which was submitted to a regional competition and brought more attention to Fusia’s story.…

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Richard Colla

With a long history of directing successful television shows and made for television movies, Richard Colla honored Fusia’s wishes of not making this a love story, but a story of altruism and a love of all people.  Richard brilliantly directed “Hidden in Silence”. Because of Denise Alexander and Richard Colla, Fusia, Helena and Joe’s story will…

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